Two Words: Why Hearing “I’m Gay” Changed My Straight, Christian Life

Chris’s revelation of being gay upends Emily’s world, deeply rooted in conservative Christianity. She embarks on a three-year journey, engaging with the LGBT community and challenging her beliefs. From distributing postcards at a PRIDE festival to advocating for LGBT rights against church opposition, Emily’s story unfolds like a novel, reflecting her transformation and newfound awareness.

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When Chris said the two words that Emily never imagined she’d hear, “I’m gay,” her entire world was shaken. Raised in conservative Christianity, his being gay forced her to question everything she believed about homosexuality, and why. In order to try and find the answers to these questions, Emily spent three years talking to people in the LGBT community, listening to their stories, and experiencing things that challenged and stretched her. One of these experiences was collecting hundreds of postcards created by Christians, and passing them out at her local PRIDE festival. Another was getting involved with the fight to pass a city ordinance for LGBT protection, and suffering intense opposition from churches in her community. Written more like a novel than a memoir, the book attempts to tell the story of how one person changed, when she looked around and saw what was always there in front of her.


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