Supernatural Rescue

Linda’s story gives hope to others experiencing physical and spiritual pain, as she declares that God does indeed have a good plan for their lives.

Signed by the author.

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When Linda Plunkett, once the epitome of mental, physical, and spiritual health, learned she had a brain tumor, little did she know her trials were just beginning. Linda enjoyed an active life, serving God through her church, foreign mission trips, and her busy counseling practice. She played golf, spent time with her close circle of friends, and looked forward to going on a cruise with her husband for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. A diagnosis changed all that: a large tumor, growing in her brain’s frontal lobe. At first, she did battle on the medical front; difficult but manageable, as she and her husband prepared for surgery. But it soon became a spiritual battle, rocking her relationship with the God she’d loved since childhood. Throughout Linda’s slow, difficult recovery, God faithfully provided signs she would be healed, despite setbacks.

Signed by the author.

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