Tender Journey: A Continuing Story for Our Troubled Times

Follow the life of Michael Nastasis and his family. Michael faces challenges not only in his marriage but also with a son suffering from an incurable disease and a daughter who is rebelling against the family. In the midst of his problems, Michael meets a family that brings back a legacy of his former mentor Caleb. From hostility to grace, this story of redemption will revive your heart and give you rays of hope.

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In the follow-up to his popular release, “Unseen Essentials”, noted author and physician James P. Gills revisits the life of Michael Nastasis and illustrates how the power of faith can save a dying marriage. In this highly anticipated sequel, Michael and his wife Stephanie are at a crossroad as they find that their once tightly knit marriage has unraveled to one of gloom and loneliness as their family copes with a terminally ill child. Aided by an elderly German couple, the Nastasis’ learn to push beyond life’s setbacks and walk in the fullness of their salvation through the power of God’s forgiveness. Packed with more than 100 dos and don’ts for building a better relationship, “Tender Journey” motivates readers to focus on what can be done about life’s challenges not in the past, but in the present and future, by partnering with the Holy Spirit and His redeeming grace.

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